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Design Optimization

RecurDyn/AutoDesign is a sequential approximate design optimization tool. The development philosophy of AutoDesign should be that the optimization tool is easy to use for CAE engineers. Therefore AutoDesign automates all the process completely to the difficult mathematical background.

AutoDesign provides four efficient design tools.
Design Study Module

Design Study provides the effect analysis and the design variable screening, the correlation analysis, the variation analysis charts and the method of DOE as Full Factorial Design, Plackett-Burman Design, 2-Level Orthogonal Array, 3-Level orthogonal Array, Boses Orthogonal Array, Level-Balanced Descriptive design, strength-I orthogonal array design. Also, the user can create DOE charts for the number of user-defined design variable.
Design Optimization Module

AutoDesign uses Simultaneous Kriging, Radial Basis Functions, Conservative RSM, Meta-Model Technique when Design Optimization systematically represents design optimization problems by pre-defined design parameters and analysis responses. So the new methods for meta-model are provided by Discrete Latin-hypercube Design, Incomplete Small Composite Design-I (ISCD-I) and the traditional DOE methods are provided by Generalized Small Composite Design (GSCD), Faced Central Composite Design, Box and Behnken Design. AutoDesign also provides the Auto Selection function in the process of selecting DOE methods and meta-model methods for the users convenience.
DFSS and Robust Design Optimization Module

Most of the design optimization tools provide the Taguchi method for the robust design and use the MonteCarlo simulation for checking the DFSS (Design For Six Sigma) criterion. Thus, they do not satisfy the practical designer's requests that find the design to satisfy the DFSS criterion. But AutoDesign can directly solve the robust design problem considered by the condition of 6-sigma constraints, and it internally evaluates the variance of responses for the random design variables and noise variables after creating the meta-model basically. Also, the user can easily define the robust optimization and the 6-sigma constraints. For example, if the optimal solution is not satisfied in the constraint condition to the complex 6-sigma design, the existing design tools are failed to get the optimal solution. But in this case, AutoDesign is efficient because it suggests optimal solutions as the second best alternative plans.
Reliability Analysis Module

RecurDyn V7R5 provides Reliability Analysis module which is included in the methods to perform the tolerance analysis and the reliability analysis to the system of multi-physics. The considered probability distribution function is Normal, Log-Normal, EVD-I, EVD-II, EVD-III, Weibul, Uniform, and etc. The provided reliability methods are the method of MonteCarlo simulation by Latin Hypercube or Random Sample and the meta-model optimization method applied by DRM (Dimension Reduction Method).