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RecurDyn/TrackLM (Track Low Mobility) is a toolkit which provides the modeling function of moved vehicles by the track
  in the construction equipment or the heavy industry equipment and the simulation function.
  Main elements of tracked vehicle are provided as libraries and the user can perform the fast analysis by the optimized solver.

RecurDyn/TrackLM supports the following functions.

- Link
- Roller Guard
- Standard proving ground library
- Soil modeling by the Bekker's theory
- Sprocket with freely editable profiles
- Optimized solver for the high speed simulation
- Single Flange, Double Flange, Center Flange, Flat Roller
- 3D Contact among Links, Flanges, Rollers, Roller Guards and Sprockets


Study dynamic performance of vehicle

       Ride and comfort
       Vibration due to discrete track links
       Link separation from sprocket and idler.
       Traversal of multiple terrains

Calculate dynamic load history for stress and fatigue analysis
Component Optimization

       Sprocket teeth profile design
       Grouser shape design

Optimize suspension spring rates and damping
Optimize tensioner to stabilize track tension


Graphical user interface for easy and fast model generation
Library of custom geometric entities
Graphical design of sprocket teeth profile (lines and arcs) and link grouser profile (line segments)
Automated track assembly
Efficient contact algorithms yield fast, robust simulations
Easy creation of terrains, with a library of standard proving grounds
Subsystem capability allows each track assembly to be created and simulated separately, then integrated into the vehicle model
Integrated Bekker Soil Model with additional soil definition options using parameters and/or a user-defined function
Plotting of specific results such as track link contact forces and track tension
Open loop track assembly

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