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RecurDyn/Tire supports various tire models such as UA Tire, MF Tire, Swift Tire, FTire.

       MF Tire

RecurDyn/MF Tire is a product interfacing by TNO and outputs 6 component forces (3 Forces & 3 Moments) acted by the tire which moves on the paved road or unpaved road. So, the user can perform the simulation for the motion of extensive vehicle included in braking, steering, acceleration, free-rolling, skidding, and etc. RecurDyn/MF Tire includes in the Delft(Pacejka “Magic Formula”) model. So, the user can performs the 3D contact to contact the surface of 3D road, the effect of frequency from 60Hz to 100Hz, the MF-swift considering the transient slip and the combined slip for the full-sliding. It enables the application of large inclination (Camber) angle relatively.

RecurDyn/MF Tire can easily perform the modeling of complex tire which plays the the most important role in the dynamic analysis of vehicle substantially by transferring forces between the surface of road and the vehicle.



RecurDyn/FTire is a product interface, jointly developed by FunctionBay and cosin scientific software ( RecurDyn/CTI is called the leading physics-based tire model FTire. FTire has a very wide application range, including handling on flat and uneven road with or without thermal effects, first and second order ride, high-frequent vibrations including air-cavity modes, road load prediction, use in driving simulators, tire imperfection effects, misuse, NVH, tread wear prediction, flexible rim effects, soft soil contact, and more. FTire accounts for many different kinds of external or internal excitation, such as

  • short-waved road irregularities
  • sharp-edged and/or high obstacles with small extension like cleats and stones
  • locally and timely varying road friction properties
  • high-frequency rim oscillations induced by active suspension control systems
  • variable inflation pressure
  • variable tire and road surface temperature
  • actual tread wear state
  • tire imbalance, non-uniformity, run-out, and other kinds of imperfections
  • rim flexibility
  • road surface flexibility and/or plasticity, and more.

Despite its detailed physical nature, FTire is very fast. In standard configuration, it even reaches real-time capability for simulator and HiL applications. FTire, together with its several extensions and tools, is available from cosin scientific software.