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RecurDyn/MTT3D (Media Transport Toolkit 3D) helps the user efficiently create and simulate a sophisticated model of flexible media being transported by a mechanical system in a 3D environment.

RecurDyn/MTT3D automates the entire process for kinematic/dynamic analysis including contact problems caused by components of 3D flexible media system. Also, RecurDyn/MTT3D performs the fast calculation optimizing the analysis process and analysis method of solver.

- Automatic creation of Sheet, Roller(Fixed/Movabl/Pair), Guide(Plate/Arc plate/Cylinder) shapes
- Automatic definition of contact among the sheets and the rollers and guides along the media path
  (3D Contat)
- Guide shapes can be modeled by 3D-CAD data and body surface data
- Automatic definition of contact between rollers and rollers (3D contact)
- 3D flexible media transport system solver (Fast analysis using a specialized
  and optimized solver)
- Specialized sheet shell element
- Consideration of sheet material types (isotropic and orthotropic)
- Guide velocity function, Soft-Nip model, Linear characteristics of frictional forces
- Creating the curled and folded sheet in the initial state
- Providing the contour information to the displacement, stress, and strain within a sheet
- Exporting data for contact forces, stress, strain in nodes
- Definition of air resistance, absorption forces, and electrostatic forces by nodal forces
  (Node load of Sheets by User Subroutine)


Easily simulate the 3D movement of a sheet through a media path.
Applications include devices such as a printer, copier, fax, or other sheet-feeding machines.
RecurDyn/MTT3D automates the definition of a sheet (whether paper, film or any other flat media) as well as idealized rollers and guides.
World-class capability to analyze flexible sheets that undergo large deformations with linear material properties, including contact with guide surfaces and rollers.
Evaluate potential for jamming given different design parameters
Easily model forces that act on the sheet (including proprietary techniques and data).


Fast & easy modeling.
Speed & stability of the simulation process.
Predefined groups of model entities simplify the model generation process.
Special parametric values provide access to important design parameters.
Nodal force function allows you to apply various loading conditions on the sheet.
Contact elements are automatically defined.
Post automates generation of relevant outputs for a sheet feeding system.
Various custom accessories, Nip spring, Maximum gap, Soft nip, etc.

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