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FunctionBay's Right People
Harmony  Person for thinking the company than an individual
 first and seeking the harmony of organizations
Passion  Person for striving to dreams by pure passion
Challenge  Person for striving to the challenge despite hardships
Originality  Person for improving the present status pleasantly by
 new values

Treatment & Benefits
Supporting the
 company life
Supporting the
Supporting the
 leisure time
Vitalizing organization’s
Flexible office hours and policies of vacation  
- Office Hours : Five-day work
  week.You can adjust office
  hours because of the flexible
  office hours.
- Vacation : You can use the
  vacation in the range of
  annual vacation at any time.

Supporting to spend on the book

- There is a library in the
  acompany and you can buy
  the needed book.
- The payment of needed book
  is supported.  

Providing the cafeteria, the snack, and the lunch

- You can drink coffee and
  health beverages.
- You can eat various fresh
- You can have a lunch free.

Holding a refresh time during half-hour a day

Holding a family’s day once a week
English class
- Holding an English class by
  the native speaker biweekly
The training payment is supported.

The health inspection is supported.

The gift is provided for the birthday and the holiday.
Various clubs
- The payment to manage
  clubs is supported per
- The payment is provide
  whenever the club’s
  meeting is opened

Managing a mutual aid society

Providing the best staff’s award and gifts for staffs in the annual meeting

Supporting to watch the performance as a group

Holding a company track meet and a company trip

Method and Procedure for Recruitment

Type of
  (FunctionBay is hiring year-round to select the talented people whenever the needed human resources. Also, If the recruit requirement is occurred, all applicants by the online get a chance
of position first regardless of the application time. But, the position should be same with your desired position. If the interview is needed, you can know the information by phone or e-mail.

Method of
  You can apply to FuctionBay by fax (031-622-3704) or e-mail ( only. You can write a job application form freely. But, you have to write it by yourself. Please be careful to write the job application form because you are liable for disadvantage.

Procedure of Recruitment    

Writing a job application form

Register to the FunctionBay's applicant database

Document Screening

Review qualifications
needed in each department


Evaluate the knowledge level of work in the relevant field, ability evaluation for the performanceexperience, qualities ,and attitudes

Join FunctionBay

Confirm the treatment condition such as rank, compensation , etc. & Confirm to join FunctionBay