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People behind RecurDyn

The more the life of many customers is valuable and happy by RecurDyn,
the more our world develops valuable place and it recreates a happier society
in peace and prosperity for all people.

"My Friend, RecurDyn"

Han-Sik Ryu, PhD, CTO

Han-Sik Ryu is the CTO of the FunctionBay, Inc. He is in charge of the FunctionBay R&D center, which is at the heart of the development of RecurDyn. He is a living witness to the history of FunctionBay. RecurDyn is very precious to him, like a good companion.
Han-Sik Ryu became a member of the original development team during the initial days of RecurDyn’s development before...

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Interview List

Juhwan Choi, Ph.D,
Team manager
(Solver 2)

Graham Sanborn, Ph.D, Principal research engineer (Solver 2)

Jeonghan Lee, Ph.D., Duty general manager (Solution Group)

Sun Kim, Ph.D.,
Team manager
(GUI 1)

Joon-Shik Yoon, Ph.D,
Team manager
(Solver 1)

Han-Sik Ryu, PhD, CTO