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“I would like to contribute the globalization of RecuDyn.”

Jeonghan Lee, Ph.D., Duty general manager of Solution Group

Dr. Jeonghan Lee joined FunctionBay last year. He is a member of the solution group, which works very close to customers. His primary interest is determining how he can help customers more easily use RecurDyn every day. He strives to help solve customer problems and puts energy into helping customers become more comfortable using RecurDyn. Furthermore, he wants to contribute not only customers, but also the globalization of RecurDyn in the future.



- (2001.02) Bachelor degree in Machanical Engineering
   (Major:Mechanical System Design), Pusan University
- (2003.08) Master degree in graduate school of Mechanical System
   Design (Major: Multibody Dynamics), Pusan University
- (2011.12) Ph.D. in graduate school of Mechanical
   System Design (Major: Multibody Dynamics), Pusan University


- (2003.08 ~ 2007.03) Technical support and service engineer of MSC
- (2011.02 ~ Now) Full time researcher of mechanical technology
   research center, Pusan University
- (2011.11 ~ Now) Technical support and consulting engineer of


Why did you join FunctionBay, Inc.?
The main reason is that Prof. Wan-suk Yoo of Pusan University recommended FunctionBay. I knew of FunctionBay but I had not thought of joining it. Prof. Yoo asked me my opinion about it and so I began to think about it. I talked with Dr. Han-sik Ryu, who is CTO of FunctionBay. He told me about the values and ideals of FunctionBay, and what my role at FunctionBay would be.

After talking with the CTO, I decided to join FunctionBay. Maybe I was strongly affected by the face-to-face discussion with members of the company. I have been working in the field of MBD since after I started my master’s degree course, and I continued working in it through my Ph.D. So naturally, I want to be a leading scholar in the field.

FunctionBay's product, RecurDyn is a blue-chip product in the MBD field. RecurDyn is a great engineering solution that was achieved through a very high level of technical excellence and the unique technical skill of Korea. There are few companies in the world that hold this level of technical expertise. FunctionBay is such a place. I think it is the most suitable place for me to improve my skills. Day by day, I believe that I am achieving this growth.

What areas of RecurDyn are you responsible for?
There are various things that I do. First, I perform technical services for our customer companies. This work increases value of RecurDyn to the customers by providing analysis solutions for our customers'products.

Second, I am responsible for some of the development planning for RecurDyn. My role is to decide the direction of the RecurDyn development for specific applications by providing appropriate specifications for those applications. Now, I am designing solutions for the fields of tires and cars.

Third, I develop a customizations using ProcessNet. RecurDyn/ProcessNet is a toolkit which enables creating scripts using the language C#. If you use RecurDyn/ProcessNet, you can create various customized code. Last, I do the technical support. I respond to inquiries related to RecurDyn technologies from customers and companies that we cooperate with. And, I am solving to them with RecurDyn developers after I accept problems for the use of RecurDyn. I think that the quality of RecurDyn is increasing by my various works. This work is my team’s general work.

Please tell us about an experience you had in which you feel you gained some value from RecurDyn.
I do not have lots of experience with RecurDyn yet because I joined in FunctionBay less than one year ago. But, if I select a challenging part, it is the development of the Campbell Diagram Plot function. Through this, I learned a significant amount about C#. This functionality will be released in V8R2 and I hope that the response from our users to it is good.

What do you believe are RecurDyn's strong points compared with other CAE software?
First, the user-friendly UI is the most significant thing. It is very intuitive compared with the other MBD tools and the novice users of RecurDyn can use it without a lot of difficulty because of our friendly icons.

Also, if the user has experience using other CAE software, the user can easily learn to use RecurDyn because the overall work flow is similar to other CAE software.

What useful tips would you give to customers about RecurDyn?
MBD modeling is based on system modeling. So, it is beneficial to divide a model into subsystems. Because RecurDyn has subsystem modeling functionality, you can perform the more stable modeling if you assemble them after modeling elements of each moving part using this modeling technique.

And, if you use ProcessNet well, you can perform more powerful modeling. Because ProcessNet uses the C# programming language, you can create scripts that perform a significant amount of work. Because the number of degrees of freedom is often high, if you use ProcessNet well, you can perform more complex modeling with ease and speed.

What advice would you give to customers?
Just generating an MBD model from the existing MBD tools does not guarantee accurate results. MBD modeling usually requires many assumptions about many aspects of the model, such as, for example, external forces. Properly modeling these assumptions requires lots of mathematical and experimental approaches.

And a lot of validation is required to verify the accuracy of the approaches that are chosen. Therefore, getting the most out of MBD software requires an understanding of the underlying mathematics of both the MBD system and of the assumptions that are being made, not just understanding of the MBD modeling components.

Papers & Journals

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Master Thesis

- (2003) “An experimental study of Beam and Plate Large deformation.", Pusan University

Ph.D. Dissertation

 - (2011) “Velocity and steering angle decision for an autonomous vehicle on curved path.",
   Pusan University

Interview List

Juhwan Choi, Ph.D,
Team manager
(Solver 2)

Graham Sanborn, Ph.D, Principal research engineer (Solver 2)

Jeonghan Lee, Ph.D., Duty general manager (Solution Group)

Sun Kim, Ph.D.,
Team manager
(GUI 1)

Joon-Shik Yoon, Ph.D,
Team manager
(Solver 1)

Han-Sik Ryu, PhD, CTO