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"I hope to reduce the feeling of distance between FunctionBay, Inc. and customers."

Sun Kim, Ph.D., Team manager of GUI 1 team

While you are using the RecurDyn V8 GUI, you might think that RecurDyn was designed with the customer's convenience first. GUI of RecurDyn V8 was designed to be easy to use & intuitive and the graphics engine was designed to be very fast. After 10 years, one of these reasons why RecurDyn is loved so much by its users is its ease of use.
To reduce the sense of distance between FunctionBay, Inc. and customers and get closer to customers, Dr. Sun Kim puts great passion into the source code of RecurDyn's GUI. Here is the story of Dr. Kim, who is the chief manager of the development of RecurDyn's GUI.



- (1992) Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, Seoul
   National University
- (1996) Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering, Seoul
   National University
- (2002) Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering, Seoul National

Major Development Achievements
For RecurDyn

- (2011 ~ Now) Developing UI of RecurDyn V8 Professional
- (2008 ~ 2011) Developed UI of RecurDyn V7 Professional
- (2006 ~ 2008) Developed UI of RecurDyn V6 Professional
- (2004 ~ 2006) Developed UI of RecurDyn V5 Professional
- (2002 ~ 2004) Developed UI of RecurDyn V4 Professional


Why did you apply to FunctionBay, Inc.?
I knew of FunctionBay through an introduction from Prof. Chan Jung Kim, who was almost like my professor while I was working on my PhD Prof. Kim made me aware of FunctionBay 1~2 years before I graduated. At that time, he proudly told me that there was a genius developer among developers of the GUI in FunctionBay.

There was a series of events that led up to me becoming interested in software engineering: the development of a strong desire to create software, a recommendation from Prof. Kim, a meeting with Prof. Choi, who is one of the founders of FunctionBay, and the realization that FunctionBay had a team of software developers who had graduated from my university. After that, I thought that maybe it is my fate to join in FunctionBay.

What areas of RecurDyn that you are responsible for?
The development teams of FunctionBay are roughly divided into three groups: the Solver team, the GUI team, the Solution group. I am the chief manager of the GUI team.

Currently, I am researching and developing nonlinear materials, advanced element technologies, and numerical methods related to many aspects of finite elements. This involves a lot of research into element technologies and continuum mechanics, which I enjoy very much.

The GUI responds to the mouse and keyboard input of the user. RecurDyn is a program that has been loved for more than 10 years by its user. The complexity and difficulty of its development is quite high because it contains more than four million lines of source code.

What is one of your favorite features that you developed in RecurDyn?
On two occasions, between the development of V5 and V8 of RecurDyn, through a lot of hard work, I reduced the size of the RecurDyn model file to half of its previous size. For example, for a file whose size was 100MB in the past has been reduced to 25MB. This took a lot of hard work, and so this success is really important to me.

What do you think the strong points of RecurDyn are compared to the competitors?
I think that in the early days of RecurDyn, toolkits such as Track and MTT2D captured the domain knowledge of the users of RecurDyn. We had very rapid response to users when we developed these toolkits. For the next few years, we are developing the plan for the next generation of our product. I have great confidence that the results we will achieve with this next product will be very successful.

What message would you like to convey to the customers of RecurDyn?
A well-designed RecurDyn does not come from the developers at FunctionBay. It comes from the feedback of the customers. I believe that customers are reluctant to give their feedback to FunctionBay. We would like to reduce the sense of distance between ourselves and the customers because this will help us make a better RecurDyn.

Do you have any dreams or goals that you would like to achieve in the development of RecurDyn?
From one point of view, it is possible to view the development of RecurDyn as the development of a collection of small features. But each of these features is just one small part of a very large area of the field of dynamics. Each of these small features may seem like a small stone by itself, but if they are all gathered together, the form into a rather large mountain. I hope that this mountain that we are building here at FunctionBay can contribute to both the Korean society of dynamics and it can help RecurDyn to lead dynamics in the worldwide market.

Papers & Journals


- (1996) "Heat-Transfer Correlation for Natural-Convection in a Meniscus-Shaped Cavity and Its
   Application to Contact Melting Process", International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol.39,
   No.11, 2267-2270, 1996

Master Thesis

 - (1994) "Analysis of Natural Convection in a Meniscus Enclosure and its Application to Contact
   Melting", Seoul University

Ph.D. Dissertation

 - (2002) "Similarity analysis of diffusion controlled binary mixture solidification", Seoul University
Interview List

Juhwan Choi, Ph.D,
Team manager
(Solver 2)

Graham Sanborn, Ph.D, Principal research engineer (Solver 2)

Jeonghan Lee, Ph.D., Duty general manager (Solution Group)

Sun Kim, Ph.D.,
Team manager
(GUI 1)

Joon-Shik Yoon, Ph.D,
Team manager
(Solver 1)

Han-Sik Ryu, PhD, CTO